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Honest, Efficient And Affordable Estate Planning

Making plans for handling your final affairs can be more challenging than you realize at first. The internet has become a resource for estate planning documents, however, not all estate planning websites are created equal. You could be creating unintended and costly legal mistakes in your estate planning documents without the assistance of an estate planning attorney.

Attorney Jeff Dasenbrock understands how tempting it may be to try to create an estate plan using forms you found online. But an estate plan is not just about creating a will to handle your final affairs after you die. A complete estate plan will also include essential documents to give a trusted agent power to ensure honoring your choice of medical treatment and managing your financial affairs for you in case you suddenly become incapacitated while alive. Jeff will also provide proactive legal counsel to address funding your estate through various life insurance options, ensuring you have taken the necessary steps to facilitate proper care for your minor children and updating your beneficiaries on your legal documents following your divorce.

Estate Planning Tailored To The Needs Of Your Family

An effective estate plan requires an accurate inventory of your current assets and an assessment of your family’s unique future needs. This is how Jeff approaches estate planning at Dasenbrock Law, LLC. Your custom-tailored estate plan may include:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Health Care/Advance Directives

Jeff will work to ensure that the decisions you make today will have a positive impact on your family after your death. Jeff believes that you should be able to make your final wishes known in a legally sound and affordable manner, and in a way that prevents future disputes among family members.

What To Expect At Dasenbrock Law, LLC

You can expect respect and innovative strategies to help you maintain your privacy in safeguarding your family’s legacy. If you do not create an estate plan, your family and your estate could be subject to the court’s legal processes and the public’s roving eyes. To schedule your consultation in Paola, Lawrence, or Overland Park, call 913-937-9794 or contact the firm online.